Product Review: Illumiseen LED Breastplate

If you do a lot of riding at night or along the road, then you need this breastplate.

(Full disclosure: I was provided a free breastplate in exchange for posting an honest review.)


Illumiseen has a great range of safety products for pets, and among them is the LED breastplate for horses. Not only does it come in a range of colors, among them safety orange and neon green (pictured above), but they also feature multiple light options, including a pulsing light that would be perfect for hacking along roads when its important that drivers see you and your horse.

I was pretty impressed with this product. The breastplate itself is made of brightly-colored nylon akin to nylon halters and has three independent strings of LED lights. I think that’s a pretty great idea, too, because if one string goes out on the trail, you still have two more to help keep you lit up and visible.

The breastplate is also fully adjustable, which is great if you need to use it on multiple horses.

It also comes with three separate charging cables so you can charge each LED string at the same time.

My only concern with this product is using the pulsing light around spooky horses. My suggestion there would be to test it out not only with the horse you plan to ride, but any horses that may be on your hack/trail ride with you, so that they all have time to get used to it first.

If you’re interested in buying an Illumiseen breastplate for yourself, you can head to their Amazon listing. They also have multiple other products for pets available, as well.

IllumiseenLED Breastplate



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